Waalkwartier Urban Block

Nijmegen, NL

In the coming years the Western riverfront of Nijmegen will be developed into a vibrant new residential area.

As part of KCAP's urban design for the Waalkwartier subplan, Koschuch Architects has been selected to design a residential tower on the Waal that fits with the ambition of a diverse and mixed residential community.

In our design for the tower we want to embrace optimistic and generous architecture and thus amplify the current Industrial character of the area.

As a new icon for the Waalkwartier, the tower consists of a diversity of housing types for different target groups and lifestyles. The efficient structure with a load-bearing façade ensures maximum flexibility of housing typologies and numbers of homes per floor, both 1-layer and 2-layer.

All loft apartments are positioned in an angle so that the view is enjoyed to the maximum. The individualized outdoor spaces, which are offered as buyer options, are organized behind a neutral grid. This grid with underlying outdoor spaces provides an extra layered appearance in the facade.

With a view to a circular economy, research is also being conducted into the extent to which it is possible to make smart use of the recycling of demolition material from the environment within this two-layer façade principle. This layering in combination with material reuse enriches and strengthens the existing DNA of the Waalkwartier.

Location: Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Stage: Winning competition / design phase
Function: Residential
Program: Sales apartments, parking
Gross Floor Area: 11,200m2
Date commission: 2019
Design team: Casper de Heer, Robbie Neijzen, Milos Dubljevic, Maikel Supèr, Rui Duarte, Maurizio Brambilla, V. Stynbar, L. Vatteroni
Client: Bouwfonds property development (BPD)