Urban Village

How to unite the qualities of a city and the village? How to reconcile the urban density of 200 wo/ha with a village character that consists of a private garden, front door at ground level, small-scale and we know us?
Literally through a stack of villages, a village on a villageā€¦ on a village: a mountain of villages. The roof becomes a second, third or fourth ground level that is connected to each other in a natural and relaxed way.

The residents have their own front door at these ground levels by literally stacking the houses. The car is removed from the house and housed in a mobility hub with important urban functions in the plinth and on the various roofs. This makes the density more urban, without altering the qualities of the ground-floor dwellings.

A variety of housing typologies is created by realizing entrances at different heights. This means that the height of the Skinny Houses is maximized and used as a distinctive quality.

Collectivity is organized in courts within the building blocks, of course on the different levels. This is how you know you neighbors and a strong neighborhood feeling is created.

The Tiny Forrest is centrally located in the district, this is the urban square where all building blocks boundaries and the connection can are searched for with the immediate context.

In addition to a stack of ground levels and programs is the stack of the landscape integrally woven into the plan. Instead of the typical Dutch house with a hood that collects rainwater must be discharged to the sewer as soon as possible has flat roofs been chosen that retain rainwater correctly and on what diverse flora and fauna can be accommodated to get. Due to this strong interweaving of you no longer experience the city and landscape on what ground level do you actually find yourself is located. By doing so as large as possible diversity of plants, soil conditions, create shade, sun and temperature find the different target species soon a suitable place to stay in and on the building: a real Biotope inspired by the Babylonian Gardens.

The Urban Village thus provides a contribution to nature-inclusive and climate-adaptive city and can be seen as a important machine that all kinds of flows utilized and the quality of stay for the large and small residents as pleasant as possible makes.

Programma: living, working, facilities
Project team: Maikel Super, Rui Duarte, Maurizio Brambilla
Area: 1ha aprox.
Client: VanWonen
Status: Concept development
Landscape architect: Buro Harro
Visualisations: Vivid Vision