Urban Residences

One of the thrusters of the current housing problem it's the difficult transition from elderly people to suitable houses. The ''Urban Residences'' offers the elderly the opportunity to return to the city and with each other in a healthy and social way to live. Collectivity, meeting and a healthy lifestyle are the most important principles for this housing concept. We aim for a mix of specific senior facilities with lively general functions.

This creates a lively and flexible building block that opens up to the city. In this housing concept we introduce the term ‘The Hour Loop’ where people can walk along the building and through all vital functions for a period of time of one hour. This (semi) public ribbon will be architecturally clearly articulated through a wooden structure.

For example, we pass facilities such as a bakery, pharmacy, physio and we ascend to a lively roof landscape where the elderly can garden, recreate and play sports, emphasising and active lifestyle. We cross the block through of a spectacular swimming pool and greenhouse, then via the central botanical garden to return to ground level. On the down, wide residential galleries around the central botanical garden are good places to stay and meet.

Sustainability is also central to this task. For example, the building block has a modular design and offers maximum living flexibility in accordance with the 'Open building' principle. The main load-bearing structure is separated from the installations and the smart positioning of technical facilities ensures that the building is extremely future-proof.

Programma: living, facilities
Project team: Casper de Heer, Maurizio Brambilla, Max Brummer
Client: VanWonen
Status: Concept development
Visualisations: PF Visual