Smart Dock

Schalkwijk, NL

The former Fluor site is being redeveloped into the green urban neighborhood named ‘Elements’. As part of this ‘City among the trees', Smart Dock is a mobility hub that creates space for a car-free and green living environment.

By combining a work café, service point, shared mobility solutions and standard parking facilities, this building is more than just a parking garage.

Smart Dock is modular and demountable and can easily be adapted or redeveloped in the future. Smart Dock is constructed almost entirely circularly and has an open structure with wooden structural beams, a green facade and a green roof, making Smart Dock a friendly and futureproof meeting spot for the neighbourhood.

Location: Schalkwijk, The Netherlands
Stage: Completed
Function: Multifunctional parking hub
Gross Floor Area: 9000 m2
Date commission: 2018
Date construction: 2023
Design team: Maikel Super, Casper de Heer
Client: Dura Vermeer