Skinny Houses

How to compact while preserving the exclusivity of having a own front door on the street? Throughout simple, the traditional beech size of a standard Dutch land-bound
house from 5.4 to be narrowed to 4 meters. Created by this smaller footprint more floors per home up to eight a nine layers, allowing the possibility leads to the stacking of households in a house: the multi-family house. A office in the city on the ground floor with above a beautiful single-family home with green outdoor spaces and terraces with above that is a care home which means grandparents can stay close to the family continue to live? This is possible in a Skinny house.

A compact home for several multi-storey households, pleasant to live in due to the smart use of space and a high-quality spatial quality. become outdoor space, partly in connection with the lack of privacy at this density in the backyard, moved to the roof landscape. We limit ourselves not a green deck here, but make it a three-dimensional world where social connection and nature inclusivity central The deck becomes a garden with green pergolas and maximum greenery where irrigation takes place by placing it on the retention roofs collected rainwater. Via integrated planters in the balconies and in the creeping margin strips at street level
the plants through the facades and pergolas upwards. This creates an integrated working nature-inclusive ecosystem with a
diversity of good outdoor spaces for man, plant and animal, in every season and on every moment.

The Skinny Houses also offers opportunities in the field of sustainability, namely by dealing efficiently with space, energy and material. We build the Skinny Houses with prefab units consisting of renewable materials that can be switched so that the housing may remain in the future adjustable in volume and function. We create efficient and compact homes that are light due to superfluous materials and eliminate parts. Fewer massive building does not mean alone less energy requirement and environmental impact due to less weight, but also more efficient material transport and a more efficient foundation and supporting structure.

Skinny House 120-140m2

Living in the busy city has multiple challenges. Such as creating a safe and comfortable living environment with sufficient privacy and safe play areas for the children. Several generations of the family live together in a Skinny House. This is the strong core of the narrow and deep multi-family house.

Skinny House XXL 210m2

The multi-family home for different generations has several advantages. The households live together, but have each with its own private indoor and outdoor zone. The family can support each other in several ways help out. The Skinny House is a place where everyone gathers for social activities, and a place where care can be provided to aging parents.

Tower House 70m2

In the Tower House, the top floor, a couple can young professionals live, but just as well be a place for grandparents. In the Skinny House comes, next to the stairwell, namely an elevator as standard.

From the top floor, eight or nine high, there is a beautiful view over the city and the surrounding area. The green collective roof garden is within reach.

The Skinny Houses are built sustainably. Efficient use of space, energy and materials. The houses are built from detachable prefab elements, which are renewable and make it possible to adapt the houses to future functions and volumes.

Programma: living, working, facilities
Project team: Maikel Super, Max Brummer
Client: VanWonen
Status: Concept development
Visualisations: Vivid Vision