Interior Philharmonie / Design Platform

Haarlem, NL

Haarlem’s concert building the Philharmonie, which stands adjacent to the former location of Joh. Enschedé printers, has undergone a radical metamorphosis in 2005 by van Dongen-Koschuch Architects. Besides a thorough renovation and restoration of the existing structure it has also been extended, executed in a manner that has achieved a perfect harmony between old and new structures. In 2014 Van Dongen – Koschuch was asked to develop a design concept . The ‘Philharmonie as Platform’ is the result.

With 11,000 m2, 200 events and 70,000 visitors per year the building is an exhibition space for design furniture and objects. The platform includes a permanent collection of furniture from established Dutch designers and annually changing ‘ specials ‘ of young talents. Objects are not only exhibited, they are also used by visitors of the Philharmonie and can even be bought.

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Stage: Completed
Function: Cultural / Interior
Program: Interior design, exhibition space
Date commission: 2014
Date construction: 2015
Design team: Lorna Gibson
Client: Philharmonie Haarlem
©Van Dongen- Koschuch