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How can (medium) large cities in the Netherlands attract graduates, high potentials, young entrepreneurs and (international) knowledge workers for a longer period of time? The cities must focus on the development of places where more is possible than living alone. With the construction of only student hotels and short stay apartments, the cities will not be able to retain these people. This target group has a strong need for inspiring places where they can live and work, meet each other, build networks, benefit from various services and facilities, feel part of the 'local color' and contribute to the local economy. Places that have so much to offer that they do not want to leave the city. Places that, with their charisma, ensure that target groups from other parts of the country want to settle in the city.

The concept can in principle be used everywhere, but the specific realization is highly dependent on the characteristics of the location to be developed. Every city is different and local factors such as economy, demography, education, income, the ambitions present and the roles of the various parties involved determine the starting points for the implementation of the concept. Flexibility plays an important role in this.

Vonk will be an iconic building with a flexible structure, so that it is easy to respond to changing programs and layouts. At the same time, the building is easily accessible and literally opens (with facilities, services and green, public space) to the surroundings.

Flexibility in relation to the context:

The building can be flexibly integrated into the urban structure.

Program flexibility:

The building offers a wide range of programmatic options that can be adapted to the (changing) wishes and requirements of the environment, city and future users.

Flexibility in layout:

A wide variety of living and working spaces is possible within the structure of the building.

The immediate environment is positively influenced by the lively appearance of the building. Vonk makes you curious. Because it is not immediately apparent what is taking place (and with such a multifunctional, iconic and unambiguous structure that is certainly the case) the building invites you to come and take a look and become part of the concept. Vonk is accessible and also literally opens up to the environment. The green public space, which runs seamlessly into the building, offers beautiful outdoor spaces to the residents of the city.

Programma: Urban incubator (living, working, facilities)
Project team: Maurizio Brambilla, Vojtech Stybnar
Area: 11.500m2
Client: VanWonen
Status: Concept development