2024.01.19 - The Smaakmaker: stubborn, appealing, based on an industrial heritage, with an eye for a sustainable future

The Smaakmaker consists of a contrasting ensemble of five buildings around a courtyard. Each building has its own architecture, access and materials. The volumes also provide space for different residential typologies.

The Smaakmaker refers to the industrial past of the area and is the prelude to the central shopping street in the Amstelkwartier. To underline the innovative character of the block itself, the frames of the shop fronts have been decorated with contemporary ornamentation. The frames are made of 3D printed ceramic tiles and 3D milled wooden panels, both made of recycled material.

De Smaakmaker is constructed from 74 percent reused and renewable materials and has an mpg of 0.26.

The other parties involved were: Hoogvliet Beheer, Everglow Real Estate, Studio RAP, Tenderboost, Makers of Sustainable Spaces, Koninklijke Ginkel group, Sweco, DGMR, Lagemaat, BBN, ABT and SPARK.

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