2024.01.15 - House of Delft: an iconic design that really suits Delft. The blue-shaded ceramic tiles are in!

House of Delft is being built at the head of the Spoorzone, next to Delft Central station, very close to the historic city centre. With his iconic and striking design, House of Delft is a modern translation of the typical Delft houses. The facade profiles and the inverse houses tell the stories of the role that the pioneers of Delft played in history. Plenty of work and experimentation takes places on the ground floor: these are the city's open innovation workshops, where the pioneers of today and tomorrow can meet and inspire each other and the residents of the city.

Huis van Delft will have a total of 53 homes in different housing types, ranging from 49m2 to 220 m2.

For the finishing of Huis van Delft, a semi-handmade tile was chosen in more sizes and glazed by hand, to emphasize the artisanal character of the monumental building. The handmade tiles are produced by Koninklijke Tichelaar BV. The tiles have a special glaze in different shades of blue. This has a lively, reflective effect: from deep dark blue to light silvery blue.

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Foto's: Egbert de Boer