2024.01.04 - Currently completing the Final Design (DO) of Waalkwartier tower

The Western Waalfront of Nijmegen will be developed into a vibrant new urban residential area in the coming years. As part of KCAP's urban design for the Waalkwartier sub-plan, Koschuch Architects was selected to design a residential tower on the Waal that matches the ambition of a diverse and mixed residential community.

In our design for the tower we want to continue the former industrial character of the area. The architecture is optimistic, spacious and refers to this industrial character.

The volumetric structure of the block is accentuated by a variety of prefab concrete elements. The prefab facade elements with chamfered columns give the building a rich plasticity and an almost brutalist ornamentation that enriches and strengthens the already present DNA of the Waalkwartier.