The Packs

Amsterdam, NL

High-rise is becoming and increasing popular form of urban living in Dutch cities. This Amsterdam inspired residential building manifests itself as an elegant tower designed with precision; where the dynamics of the surroundings are architecturally translated into a location specific sculpture. By introducing a "torque" around the vertical line in the center, the triangular base gradually rises around this point, merging seamlessly into a curved line of the tower silhouette.

To ensure the activation the street, a publicly accessible plinth contributes to a lively public space. The program in the plinth has entrances to the courtyard and from the street sides. This double-sided programming creates an interactive space with small scale shops and lush interior planting, as a gesture towards the garden city principles of the neighbouring residential district.

As society constantly changes into an increasing diverse populations, our buildings need to update and be flexible for future needs. We prepared the building for this flexibility by designing a hybrid building construction with a concrete core, an intelligent use of steel and wood to enable a diversity of apartments now and in the future.

Our design searches for a new generation of high-rise buildings that connect the skyline with the street life, while introducing stepped building parts as a collective roof landscape and outdoor space for residents. Materialisation is site specific and the choice for an innovative use of traditional brick stems from the desire to create a building that has its own identity while reaching out to the surrounding environment.

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Area: ca 27.500 m2
Program: Residential, Social amenities, Commercial
Architects: Koschuch Architects & BurtonHamfelt Urban Architecture
Koschuch project team: Maurizio Brambilla, Rui Duarte, Maikel Supèr, Milos Dubljevic
BurtonHamfelt project team: Youri Vijzelman, Josipa Slaviček, Celia Almudéver Pérez
Landscape architect: MOSS
Construction advisor: BAM
Urbanism / Community: Ziegler Gautier
Sustainability & Installations: Cauberg Huygen
Visualisations: Proloog